What makes us tick.

Harled Inc. is a boutique software development company focused on mission-driven projects. We have delivered custom web applications for enterprise, small business, not-for-profit and government clients.

Examples of our partnerships include modernizing National Defence and the Royal Canadian Air Force, supporting the incredible mission of Indigenous reconciliation with Anishnabeg Outreach or giving other small but mighty organizations just enough tooling.

We specialize in modern software development practices and use Ruby on Rails as our development framework. As a small company, we rely on tooling that allows us to deliver 10x and Ruby on Rails is a key component to this efficiency. Check out our blog to find posts on both of these important topics.

Harled team with the RCAF
Members of Harled Inc., The RCAF and The Flight Deck.

The Name

The name "Harled" (pronounced Har-led) was inspired by two grandfathers. Harley and Ed.

Harley Young believed in working hard, working efficiently and always striving for better. He was a startup founder of a different era. One who formed a wood pallet business through sheer perseverance (and manually straightening a lot of bent nails). His dedication led to growing a side hustle into a vibrant industry player in southern Ontario via Wainfleet Wood Products.

Ed Elston was a veteran of the Royal Canadian Navy, a postal officer, a city treasurer and a Home Hardware owner-operator. He committed himself to serving others and acting with integrity in all situations.

Both grandfathers embodied a style of work that is humble and pragmatic - core virtues of Harled today.

Our Beliefs

The core beliefs that set Harled apart.

Mission-Driven Excellence.

We believe strongly in clients and projects that better the world. What this looks like can take many shapes, but at the end of the day we deliver our best work when motivated by the real-world impact that the project will have.

Yes, we love technology and being masters of our craft, but we believe the magic comes when our expertise and experience can be applied to a problem that makes us feel good and creates a meaningful positive change in the world.

We're not a giant corporation, but we can definitely punch above our weight.

We believe in keeping the company small and nimble. We're interested in having a close relationship, with high intensity and focus with a couple of clients at any given time. We're not motivated by growing our organization, only by delivering amazing results.

Small but Mighty.

Speed & Agility.

We understand that time is of the essence.

We like the dopamine hits just as much as you do. We believe in delivering quickly, communicating often and iterating as needed. If you're like us, you'll appreciate the exploratory aspect of agile software development. We also believe strongly in optimizing for learning, the faster we can learn and the more valuable lessons we can amass, the more successful we can be as a team.

We'd love to chat

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If you're interested in exploring a custom web application for your company and you're leading a project that is driving positive change then we'd love to hear from you.