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Harled offers a number of services for businesses looking to design, develop and launch web application projects. We've worked with the largest companies on enterprise solutions as well as the smallest startups looking for a quick MVP.

Full Stack Development

We offer software development services from frontend, to backend and the cloud operating runtime. We focus on tight development cycles so that you can see the first version of software in weeks and then iterate on a daily basis.

Development Process Audit

We've built a lot of software for a lot of important projects and we're happy to take a look at what you are doing to share some insights. Building an optimal development process is a hard task that is contextually sensitive based on your business, your market and the stage of your product. We'll leave you with explicit feedback and insights on how you can bump your development performance to the next level, to better support your product growth and delight your end users.

Developer Experience Survey

We are obsessed with Developer Experience and it being a foundational element of building great software. Surveying and understanding your developer experience and finding ways to improve it is essential to benefiting from high-value developer hours writing product code vs wrangling development environments or trying to replicate a production issue.

Technology Audit

There are a lot of moving pieces in operating a SaaS / web app product. We've used virtually every technology under the sun and have experience to share in ensuring that you have the right stack for your needs. This audit can focus on the application stack itself or can expand through the development process and internal tooling all the way to the production runtime and third party services.

Production Operations

A solid production runbook is essential as your product scales and its importance to the end users grow. Many of the typical outages are easily preventable with a pragmatic set of production operation systems and processes. We're happy to work with you on critical support systems like Performance and Capacity Management, Monitoring and Events, Backup and Recovery, Disaster Recovery and Security Patching.

Team Augmentation

You already have a great team in place? Awesome, we're happy to work with you in an augmentation scenario either to fill the role of mentorship (fractional CTO / team lead) or to help supplement horsepower during a crunch time.

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