#DigitalAF: National Defence

An initiative to build world-class software for our heroes and to pave the way for future modern applications within the Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces.


Operating an Air Force includes many moving pieces that can all benefit from modern software. However, the goal is always to remember that the Air Force exists to fly planes and the software that is introduced should better support and enable the primary duties required to accomplish that, not distract from it.

This project has focused on delivering software worthy of the members that serve the Royal Canadian Air Force. That is, modern software that is responsive to the needs of the business and accessible to the members who use it on a daily basis.

Working with the restrictions of Government and Defence has made this no small task, however, we are very proud of the work that we have been able to accomplish in a very short order. Not only have we delivered the first modern SaaS offering within the Canadian Armed Forces, but we have also paved the way for the Department of National Defence to understand the modern era of software and identify the systems and processes that need rework to support it.

The actual software we have developed aids the Air Force and its members in a number of ways. Across operations and logistics of flying, to evolving the culture of the entire organization and helping drive innovation in an inherently hierarchical military organization. We'll spare you the details, but it is safe to say the solution is used every day by many heroes, which makes us very happy.


This project has been developed in collaboration with Canada's Department of National Defence, the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) and has roots with the RCAF's innovation outpost known as The Flight Deck.


This initiative has introduced many game-changing technologies and methods of managing technology to the client. From leading open source projects to agile software development and modern offering management principles, we've used it all.

The core project evolved from an experiment, to a minimum-viable-product to a full-blown production offering. And as expected, how we approached development and operations has evolved greatly since inception.

We won't say anything about the specifics, other than you would be surprised by how cool and relevant the tech stack is! This is not your traditional government project.


As Canadians, we are really thankful for the service that the Royal Canadian Air Force provides to our country. From rescuing those in times of extreme need to delivering aid when disasters strike. These are professional heroes who devote themselves to training, preparedness and execution when the time comes. Oh, and they are happy to help us build some cool software in their spare time.

We are also very thankful for the few disruptors who have stayed true to the belief that the organization can and will do better in the software that it delivers for all of its members. The monumental efforts needed to change a culture (a military one at that) cannot be understated and it has never been the "job" of any of the individuals who have stepped up to lead the way.

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