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A new year and a new country. Relocation can be a lot and a little advice can go a long way.
Chris Young
Chris Young
January 06, 2024

Happy New Year! And if you are reading this post, it also likely means in addition to it being a new year you are learning about a new country, Canada.

Harled Inc. is a Canadian corporation based in Ontario, although we've had employees across the country. As the founder, I've developed a wealth of experience in the Canadian technology scene (as well as 7 years in the states) and would love to share a little about what I know to help you succeed in Canada.

Canada in 2024

As you have probably noticed, Canada is facing an interesting time as a nation. Housing affordability is a major issue and the general cost of living and inflation is a real concern. So, not only do you need to learn a new (friendly!) culture, but you need to be very effective at managing your finances to make ends meet.

Luckily, you'll also find that Canada has much to offer in terms of public infrastructure and services that not only benefit citizens but also newcomers to the country. For instance, in Kitchener where I live, we have a world-class library. So yes, the Google office is a little flashier, but if you ever want to work at a top notch place, the library is free and worthy of any tech professional. There are also an abundance of great coworking spaces and Government subsidized incubators / accelerators that not only offer a tremendous network but also a perfect place to set-up with a laptop.

Canada has a giant landmass with a relatively small population (USA is about the same size, but has 10x the population and usually 30x the finances). There are a few "big" cities with a lot of nature inbetween. You've likely already settled in one of the metropolitans and will have the greatest access to services. And if you opted for a small town, well, there is still likely a Tim Horton's within reach!

How Can I Help You?

I'm lucky in that I've been able to work across large enterprises, small business / start-up, Government and not-for-profit. Because of this I am able to help individuals navigate all of these fields. Want to get a job at a top tech company in Canada? I can help you understand what the process looks like. Interested in startups, I can guide you in the right direction. Or, if the Government or NFP are where your heart is, I can also help you level set on what those opportunities might look like.

Net, if you're new to Canada, I want you to feel welcome and I want you to be successful. Canada needs hard working talent in the tech sector. We're a country with so much untapped potential.

I want to make myself available for an in-person coffee or a coffee chat to anybody who is new to Canada who would like a little advice. If this sounds like you please submit a contact form and let me know. Let's connect and make 2024 a great year in Canada.

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