Why We Love Using Ruby on Rails at Harled in 2022

A look at some of the key reasons why we continue to love developing web applications with Ruby on Rails in 2022.
Asad Ahmed
Asad Ahmed
September 12, 2022

Ruby on rails has been around since 2005 and it gracefully stood the test of time (and other shiny new frameworks).

Developing an application on Ruby on Rails can be a great investment because it offers numerous hidden gems that make its learning curve worthwhile in addition to its wonderful benefits, such as the ability to rapidly design complex web apps.

Our team at Harled is building a state of the art software for the Defence using Ruby on Rails (Ror). Because of the agility of the RoR framework and the richness of the Ruby programming language, it is amazing how fast and efficient such an impactful application can be developed. Here are some of the reasons why we love Ruby on Rails:

Beginner Friendly

It is no secret that Ruby programming language is easy to learn and master. Its syntactic elegance and clarity have striking similarities to reading English. Additionally, the Ruby on Rails framework has a robust online community and a multitude of great resources. Because of this, our junior developers at Harled Inc. find it simple to get started quickly and contribute to the team positively.

Fast Development

When developing any application, time is of essence, and there is no better framework than Ruby on Rails when it comes to time-efficient application development. Since RoR is more about coding by convention (convention over configuration), developers make less decisions and spend more time on the development.

Gems, Gems, Gems

In the Ruby on Rails environment, there is always a shiny gem that will make your life easier. These gems can provide so many functionality such as authentication, payment processing, uploading files and images and much more.

The kind of work we do at Harled needs the utmost attention when it comes to security and that would not be possible without the rich features of RoR.


Ruby on Rails was developed with security in mind and it comes with a variety of features that help developers produce more secure and hack-resilient applications. It is rare to come across another framework that is more security oriented than RoR.

Lower Overhead

Whenever building a startup or developing an MVP, lowering your cost while not compromising the quality of the product is a top priority. Ruby on Rails strikes the perfect balance between these factors. It is a well known fact that many big tech companies were built with Ruby on Rails. Companies like Twitter, Airbnb and Github to mention a few, were all built with RoR framework.

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