About Harled

Harled is a boutique software development team based in Kitchener, Ontario. We are passionate about our projects in national defence, Indigenous reconciliation and building software for high-performance teams.

A company founded in a humble and pragmatic approach to radically improving organizations through technology.

Since forming in 2017, we have committed ourselves to delivering interesting and meaningful software projects with partners who are incredibly good at what they do.

We are extremely proud of the missions of our partners and the work that we do to empower them.

Harley was an individual who believed in working hard, working efficiently and always striving for more. He was a startup founder of a different era. One who formed a wood pallet business through sheer hustle (manually straightening a lot of bent nails). His dedication led to growing a side hustle into a vibrant industry player in southern Ontario.

Ed was a veteran, a postal officer, a city treasurer and a Home Hardware owner-operator. He committed himself to serving others and acting with integrity in all situations.

Both grandfathers embodied a style of work that was both humble and pragmatic. Both core virtues of Harled today.

Harley and Ed. Inspiration from two grandfathers.

Small but Mighty.

As a small company we place an extreme emphasis on our team and ensure that each member is presented with ample opportunity to grow and develop skills and experience.

To date, every member of the team has seized the opportunity to call a unique and meaningful contribution their own.

We are happy with our small size and it has never held us back from delivering big to our clients.