Grow With Us

At Harled, we offer a unique co-op experience that will 10x your experience while doing meaningful work and help you on your journey.

Why Harled?

We are a small company with a tight-knit team. You'll get to own a meaningful part of an important project and spend every day with team members who will mentor and coach you. We also look forward to the coaching that you can offer us!

It also means you'll have the opportunity to flex a large breadth of skills above and beyond a typical "big company" role.

We know that giving you an amazing experience will result in our clients having an amazing experience. We have been tuning our co-op experience for years and have yet to get it perfect (we think we're close!).

We want to work with you to improve on it and continuously make it easier on the "next you" to go from new to superstar as fast as possible.

We intentionally hire co-ops because we know you bring a fresh energy and grand perspective to our team. We have a track record of delivering big, and it has all been made possible thanks to a great team including bold co-op students. And, for the record, the day you interview is the last day "co-op" will be mentioned.

You are part of the team and are given the chance to contribute well beyond a typical "co-op" scope. Seriously, we've had an individual who stepped up to be the Director of Engineering at a very critical point of a project - and they 100% nailed it.

We are fortunate to have amazing partners and clients. So, while working for Harled Inc., you'll have the opportunity to work with some incredible and unique organizations across sectors.

Our current project with the Royal Canadian Air Force is going to be hard to replicate in a lifetime.

Co-op Positions

Come work with us and set yourself apart from your peers.

Jr. Full Stack Developer DevOps Engineer