What's your role?

As the Product Manager on the team, I get to shape what we build and why. My role involves developing and managing the product roadmap, defining and monitoring KPIs, and prioritizing work based on user feedback and stakeholder engagement. Ultimately, I'm committed to ensuring that our software serves a clear and meaningful purpose, and that we have an actionable plan to achieve our goals and deliver real value.

What is the secret to realizing a successful software project?

A successful project is one that effectively solves a problem. How do you know you solved a problem? To me, it's through a deep understanding of the user experience paired with a data-driven approach to make smart decisions and produce measurable outcomes.

What emerging technology or industry are you most interested in?

The AI/ML industry is a super fascinating and relevant field that is rapidly evolving at the moment and transforming many industries. I'm particularly interested in observing how ethical considerations and potential biases evolve as the space continues to expand.

What's your word of the day?

Empathy. Understanding and sharing perspectives is the best way to build stronger connections with others and improve communication.


  • Product Strategy
  • Roadmapping
  • Agile
  • UI/UX Design
  • B2B/SaaS
  • Market & Competitive Research